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“Inactivity is the killer, and, remember, it’s never too late.”

Do you know who said this?  Yes, it was Jack Lalanne rightfully so.  A man of his stature can truly make these kind of statements, for he lived a stupendous life.  In the adjoining picture of his, you can clearly see that he had a magnificent physique, and as I stated yesterday that he continued training even in his 90’s, for he surely walked the talk.  In addition, during his era the word steroid didn’t have any meaning, whatsoever, unlike our present day bodybuilders and movie stars who are big time into steroids.  So, the outstanding physique he had was not build with the help of steroids.

He did a lot more to promote the fitness lifestyle. He wanted Americans to get off their couches and into the gym.The television show which he hosted guided many people in America to give ample importance to health. In 1936 when he opened his first health studio, it had revolutionized the gym industry.  He insisted on including women and athletes, for coaches in that era frowned on weightlifting.  And women and weighttraining was unheard off.  But what did happen was that Jack’s training studio’s thrived and he ended up owning chain of gyms across USA.

Coming back to the above statement, as Jack says inactivity is the major cause for many diseases.  You should also remember what Voltaire (French revolutionary writer) had said, “Indolence is sweet, and its consequences bitter.

So, get up and start training, for its better late than never.

PS:  We at Ironcult neither recommend steroids to build muscle nor advocate the use of fat burners to lose weight.  We do it the hard way, for it will last long.

5 thoughts on ““Inactivity is the killer, and, remember, it’s never too late.”

  1. Dear Vishwa,
    As usual, you are constantly egging us to be more and more fit. Your blogs not only encourage us, but also make us sit up and become more active. Please keep sending us more of these more often.

    With regards,

    Dr.Balaji rao

    1. Thanks, Kartheek. I thought of posting the video, but I don’t endorse exercises where machines are involved and where the technique is wrong.

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