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Inactivity Kills

Perhaps, some of the things briefed in the video belong to the western culture. Nonetheless, fret not! We are not far behind. India is one of the leading countries battling against diabetes. What could be the reason? Inactivity.

As Ross Enamait explains it in his blog,, we should not restrict movement to the hourly workout we perform day in day out; rather, expand it to other areas of life. For example, we could walk extensively with the dog, climb the stairs instead of using mechanical lifts or elevators, and try to diminish the use of vehicle to, at the least, cover small distances.

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” Plato.

I am in fact surprised to know that Plato, one of the best western philosophers, has said this. He has realized the importance of physical exercise during his age—427/428 to 424/423 BCE. I believe we, human beings, intuitively know that inactivity kills. However, unfortunately, we are hyper-stimulated in the wrong way. We wrongfully embrace fast life, fast food, fast money, fast results, etc. This, so called, efficiency comes with a heavy cost I suppose. The hefty cost—unhealthiness.

Use your body, for you will lose it sooner or later. I believe anything in life when unused for a long time will perish.

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