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Indian Hercules

We are used to see inspiring stories from abroad.  Well, we can now proudly state that India can also produce its Hercules who is 66 years old.  Also keep in mind that this poor man cannot afford healthy meals.  So eating protein to build muscle is a big no.   Premchand watched Phool aur pathar several years before, enacted my Dharmendra and decided to build a robust body like the hero.  He rightly says in Hindi, which I translate, that whether he eats food or not but it’s required for him to do his daily exercise.  Something for us to ponder about.  Perhaps, if each one of us has the same mindset, obesity would be in the distant past.  By the way, who says that athletic abilities are lost as you age?   He may not have a great physique, but his athleticism shall shy young guns.

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