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Dengue Virus

  • By Vishwanthar on Health

  • August 9, 2016

Last week I was ill.  I was down with dengue virus and was admitted to the hospital.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to suffer more, as the platelet count recovered soon.  Two of my gym clients graciously donated their platelets, which helped to regain my platelet count back.  Moreover, the doctor who treated me said that I am infected with a mild version of the virus, so treatment is relatively easy.

Likewise, one predominant health parameter that mattered more was that I am not marred with lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.  The doctors and the nurses where all ears in knowing my blood sugar and blood pressure status.  I am now forced to believe that if you don’t possess these deadly diseases, the doctor’s job becomes much easier.  These two diseases are markers for a doctor’s prognosis.   That is, without these ailments the doctor can treat you without any inhibitions.

Moreover, dengue will notoriously sap your energy.  Perhaps, it has to do something with the lack of platelets, or the antibiotics that are pumped into the body–the immune system goes for a toss. On a similar note, if you ask me what’s the take home message?  I will say that prevention is the best cure hands down.  You can wear full sleeve shirts, socks, etc.  You can also use a mosquito repellant cream on your exposed body.  Likewise, remove stagnated fresh water.  Moreover, admission to a hospital will not only sap your energy but also drains your pocket.

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