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Injury Prevention.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • May 17, 2011

One of the major reasons why one should functionally train is the reduction of injury incidence. Functional training programs are designed more like how athletes train. And athlete will surely know the importance of getting stronger, bigger, improved performance, but more importantly to train injury free. We know that many individual’s athletic careers have been shortened because they were marred with injuries. For the same reason, athletes train functional movements, not muscles to avoid injuries. In the same lines, single joint movements that isolate specific muscle are very non functional; whereas, multi joint movements which integrate more muscles are very functional, so in a gym parlance workout with weights should mainly be multi joint movements. For, our bodies are used to work synergistically than in isolation.

In addition, more importance should be heeded to recovery. Whether you train functionally or not recovery and recuperation play an important role in injury prevention.

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  1. Dear Vishwa,

    Thanks for your valued information. I need to know more about shoulder stress injuries and treatment for the same. Kindly share your expeertise with me.

    Dr.Balaji Rao

    1. I would like to write a blog entry on shoulder rehabilitation, which I have started writing. I will post it in the blog in a day or two.

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