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Inspiration From A 68 year Old Grand Father.

Paul Drinan is a 68 year-old grandfather whose name was added to the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the abdominal plank position for 33 minutes 40 seconds.
In addition, as Ross has stated in his blog, Paul has also performed 101 consecutive pushups and 29 pull-ups: Both records were achieved at his local gym. What is even more interesting is the competitive spirit that Paul holds even at this ripe age. As a testament to his drive to perform better, he practiced the abdominal plank just for one year after observing a young instructor holding the plank for 12 minutes, and the practice paid him huge dividends by fetching him a world record.
I would genuinely love to be fit and healthy like Paul, and of course to be in top-shape like him would be a bonus–at an age of 68 years.

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