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Inspiration from Abhimanyu

This is Abhimanyu. He now flaunts a leaner frame but had been hefty(fat) when he reluctantly joined Ironcult. He never liked being physically active. He had hesitantly joined the gym at his friend’s insistence. Also, his late father had maintained that physical fitness was crucial for an individual’s wellbeing. It was in the month of May 2017 that he joined Ironcult. He happily continues to come to the gym and has been setting an example for his colleagues and friends to lead a fitness lifestyle. I know that his transformational pictures speak louder than my words of endorsement.
He was a couch potato when he joined Ironcult. He has now lost 18 kilos and enjoys dwelling in a healthy body. It’s also heartening to see him execute several exercises with panache. For instance, his graceful style while he is practicing the Olympic snatch is pleasing to watch. He is also a versatile man with varied interests. He was working as a buying admin in Tesco. He abandoned that and is now passionately pursuing his studies to get into administrative services. He is also a theatre director and a playback singer. He has directed several plays in Kannada and sings beautifully. (He is the founder of The Bengaluru Theatre ensemble, a theatre group from Bengaluru. ‘Navya Kanyeyaru’ a Kannada play directed by him has been staged at AKKA Sammelana which was held in Atlantic City, of the United States of America in 2016.)
His endorsement of Ironcult is interesting. He says that by losing weight and becoming functionally fit he has not only become healthy but has also improved his singing. His improved lung capacity helps him to hold his breath when singing high notes. Because of his new lease on life, every time he meets me, he graciously thanks the coaching team of Ironcult for helping him to experience good health. And he gladly remembers the words of his father and now believes that a physically active lifestyle is indeed a blessing.

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