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Inspiration from Amputees

Remember, I had spoken about Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee, who competed in the recently help London Olympics. He has set a world record in 200 meters running race in his heat at the London Paralympic campaign. However, he lost in the final race to Brazil’s Alan Oliveira.

We have a take home message here. Watching these amputees compete is heartwarming and highly inspiring. My question is, if these motivated bunch of people can do it why can’t we? I am not asking you to excel at some sport and become a champion. What I am asking is if they can be physically fit, strong, and healthy why can’t you?

I have found the final race’s video where Pistorius loses to Oliveira. As I have reiterated, it is not the winning which matters, but watching these men race with artificial legs is what matters—supremely exhilarating.

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