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Inspiring Brothers

Till now, I have only written stories about fat loss.  I have stumbled upon numerous individuals in the gym who have gained ample amounts of muscle.   Nobody had inspired me to write about them.  However, these brothers stand out in the gym.  What they have achieved by gaining oodles of muscle is as important as an inspiring weight loss story.

I have been in a similar situation.  When I first started bodybuilding, I was skinny and struggled to gain weight.  I was not a big eater and that didn’t help.  But, I was totally focused.  I wanted to become a muscle monster!   Fortunately, I gained several kilograms of muscle and my strength too sky-rocketed.  I was force-feeding myself.  On Several occasions I vomited from consuming too much food.  Nevertheless, that didn’t deter me.

In a similar vein, steroids  allured me in my quest to gain muscle.  However, I did not yield to the temptation and I am now proud to say that I was never a victim of performance enhancing drugs.  Every time I had an opportunity to use steroids, I asked myself, “What is the primary reason that I am embracing weight training?”  Irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, had continually troubled me for many years. I was depressed during my graduation days.  Ironically, those college, break free, days had become emotionally painful. I sincerely wanted my health back.  So, the reason to practice weight training was clear.   Steroids were never a serious option.  A shortcut to stardom wasn’t my goal.  Building robust health for a lifetime was my primary concern.  Moreover, I was tired of living in fear, as demonic negative thoughts had unabatedly troubled me.


Gaining weight can be just as difficult as losing weight. Constant fear of ill health has always troubled me.      Although it’s been more than 20 years that I was affected by IBS, I still feel pangs of worry.   Of course, consuming more calories than are needed is necessary, but  several times I experienced indigestion and bloating from overeating.


The elder brother started visiting Iron cult in 2012.  Unfortunately, he was ravaged by jaundice.  As you can see in the picture, he looked emaciated.  He weighed an all-time low—35 kilograms.  A friend had suggested to him that he join a gym.   His friend had said that a fitness lifestyle would help him to gain weight.  So, he joined a local gym near his house.  However, the typical bodybuilding routines of isolating muscles didn’t help him.  Later, he joined Ironcult.  The emphasis on basic compound movements and eating ample protein helped him to gain substantial weight.  After 6 years of coming to the gym he weighs a whopping 80 kilograms.  The adjoining picture speaks loudly about his achievement.

When your life is ravaged by a disease you start to put things into perspective.  If you are afflicted by sickness at an early age, you will surely realize the importance of health and wellness.  But you can act wisely!  If you can assume that someone else’s sickness is your own, you can change your life’s course efficiently.  But it won’t be easy.  In fact, it may be a herculean task.  Abhi continues to be successful in his endeavour and is a great source of inspiration in the gym.


Anurag was a big fat child. Naturally, he was bullied by his school mates.  This in turn had a deep impression on him.  He wanted to rewrite his story.  He was sick of being called chubby.  The tool for looking and getting fit was to embrace physical exercise.  Fortunately, at home, Abhi, his elder brother, was a great inspiration, since he was extremely fit and strong.  Anurag started doing push-ups and pullups at home.   He had to start somewhere, and he thought these basic body movements would fit the bill. He says, “It was one of the best decisions of my life.”  He lost a great deal of fat and was happy.  But, sadly he became very lean.  No muscle or strength, whatsoever.

He thought of joining a gym in the hope of gaining muscle.  Unfortunately, the trainers in the gym couldn’t help him in his pursuit. To make matters worse, the gym trainers ended up bullying him, as he hadn’t gained any muscle for 6 months.  Haphazard weight training routines, lack of emphasis on protein intake and not consuming surplus calories didn’t help him in his quest.   However, it was the right time to join Ironcult.  We taught him to do the basic compound movements and suggested that he eat more calories and ample protein.   He has been strength training at Ironcult for 10 months, and he has gained a considerable amount of muscle.  He looks like a hunk now.

A great motivation is an adverse factor, which can help us to march further.  As Zigzaglar said, “Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.”  If somebody taunts you, take that as a blessing.  Anurag has done that.  He is now an unstoppable force, for he is able to see the benefits of adversity. Adversity is your friend, not your foe.


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