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Inspiration From Charles Eugster

Better late than never, right.  Yes, Charles is a classic example of this statement.  It’s staggering to know that Charles Eugster started sprinting at the ripe old age of 95.   He has two Masters World record in sprinting.

In the video, he clearly states the importance of competing and building muscle.  And more importantly that you should never stop working.  As he rightly says, “it’s a death sentence.”   In the second video, he says that he became a bodybuilder at the age of 87 years old and  states the reason behind him getting into muscle-building routine.  He also suggests many more nuggets of gold for the elderly.

Sadly, Charles passed away at the age of 97 years.  He died on 26 April 2017 of complications following heart failure.  However, I believe Charles has left a legacy of health and longevity for us to follow.





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