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Inspiration from Chris Moon

Firstly, I will thank Ross for posting these immensely inspiring stories in his blog. HA! It makes my job easier.

This is the story of Chris Moon. I have to state that this is one of the most inspiring stories I have come across. He is a true champion, for he fights against all odds. He is the first amputee to complete the Badwater Ultra marathon in Death Valley. The Badwater Ultra marathon describes itself as “the world’s toughest foot race.”Click here to know more about Badwater.

Chris Moon rightly says, “The biggest limits in life are those which we impose on ourselves.” This reminds me of the Edward Gibbon’s quote that hangs on my gym wall. “We improve ourselves by victories over ourselves. There must be contest, and we must win.”

Watch his video. You are bound to come out of your Monday blues.

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