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Inspiration from Diwakar

Here is another inspiring story. The man in the picture is Diwakar. He was a whopping 130 kilogram weighing obese man. I had met him a few months before in the stadium where we engage in our outdoor workouts on Fridays. He asked me that he wanted to join the gym, for obvious reasons of course. He, however, didn’t turn up to join my gym right away. After a few months of running he lost 20 kilograms of bodyweight and then he showed up.

As expected his dietary needs had to be fixed. I simply suggested him to add protein to his diet. I know for sure that many lose the fat loss battle and fall face down because they don’t eat enough protein. I stated that consuming protein, in the long term, should be pursued. It continues to be necessary, for protein not only revs up the metabolism (essential for fat loss) but also curbs the appetite. I asked him whether 5 months of running had caused him hunger pangs. He acknowledged that, and in fact was eager to add protein. Believe me! Managing hunger determines the future of fat loss
To his relief, adding protein is still beneficial in curbing his appetite. Now, he weighs 98 kilograms. He lost 12 kilograms of fat by joining the gym. All in all, he has lost 32 kilograms of body fat. It is, however, important to note that fat, initial, loss is relatively easier than achieving it at a later stage– the body tends to reach homeostasis. In other words, the body tends to become stubborn and will plateau soon.

I hope this story may prove to inspire and help you to come out of your Monday blues. The pictures endorse the story.


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