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Inspiration from Guna

  I am writing this blog entry after a long hiatus. I was preoccupied with my book launch (Training in the Gap), and so I wasn’t able to attend to the blog regularly.  The book has been released now, and I have been receiving positive reviews.   However, I am glad that I could share this inspiring story and again start to spar with words. 

  You know about Gunasheela and how he has been motivating several others to tread the fitness lifestyle.  Gunasheela has stood out because he has continued to pursue what he is after.  I still remember when I met him for the first time.  He told me that continuing the fitness journey and perhaps lose a few kilos of fat along the way was his goal.  That impressed me.  Typically, I encounter individuals with short term goals.  However, after they reach the short-term goals, they typically get off track

  So, this raises the question: is goal setting important?  If you are going to lose interest after you reach your goal, why pursue it in the first place?   But It’s a different story if it inspires on to better performance.  Prakash Hegde, an esteemed swimmer and one of the chief guests at the book launch said that as a competitive swimmer, he must constantly remind himself to get better.  For example, when he approaches the swimming pool, he only thinks about how to improve on previous attempt.   But, how often do you find such inspired people?  Sadly, the answer is rarely.  The majority of the people pursue instant gratification— quick gains and faster weight loss.  

But I believe Guna belongs to an inspired group. Every day, he comes to the gym with a purpose envisioning new goals.    Moreover, he has lost a whopping 45 kilos and looks healthy.  When people resort to quick-fix formulas to lose weight they usually look unhealthy.  However, Guna follows a constructive meal plan and stays active every day at the gym which is supporting his continued fat loss and vibrant appearance.

  If you want sustainable results, long term planning is the way to go.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration from Guna

  1. Very inspiring blog by Vishwanathar… continue to pursue after reaching goal. In fact I met Guna on book launch day. Truly committed person. And is Happy and Healthy. When one reaches a goal, a new goal needs to be set. The life’s challenge is reaching goal and setting new goal. Mantra to be hearty and healthy

  2. Did meet guna at the book release ceremony… Congratulations to ironcult for being successful in continuously motivating people …Way to go

  3. Woh!
    It was great to see Mr. Guna. He looks amazing and very young.
    Mr. Vishwa extremely knowledgeable coach, gave me a lot of fit schedule for my cardio.

    Me being an amazingly laziest talent.. discontinued after 3 months and after more than a year saw Guna.

    Great to receive a blog from couch after a long time.

    Great going Vishwa and prasad


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