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Inspiration From Kyle Maynard

The menial tasks we conduct are always taken for granted.  This man finds it difficult to do the regular tasks of life.  Nonetheless, his grit takes him beyond the unreachable.  It’s high time we realize our true potential.

Kyle Maynard was born with a condition that left him without legs or arms.  However, that didn’t stop him.  His dream was to become a professional athlete.  At school he was a champion wrestler at the state level.  Later on in his 20’s, he became a MMA fighter.  Now he is the owner of a CrossFit gym and here in the video you can see that he climbs one of the tallest mountain—kilimanjaro.

I hope this inspires you.  Watch the video.

One thought on “Inspiration From Kyle Maynard

  1. Inspiring, to say the least.
    This mail will help propel me to be more regular and rigorous about my health and fitness levels; it is also a great true-life example for adopting a positive attitude towards life itself.
    Thank you for sharing it.

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