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Inspiration from Latha

This is Lata.  I have known her since 2010.  Initially, she joined the gym to lose weight, which she accomplished very quickly.  However, her view towards fitness changed.  It was visible that she wanted to achieve more and wasn’t satisfied with only a shapely body—she found her solace in powerlifting and is continuing her pursuit.

   I remember her when she competed for the first time in powerlifting; it was in Delhi.  It was a deadlift competition where she won the bronze.  That triggered her interest in regular competition. Her next tryst was in Bhadravathi where she attended a state level competition.  Unfortunately, she didn’t secure a place.  However, when she spoke with me after the competition, she praised it t, saying that though she had lost the competition, the event had nevertheless taught her the nuances of powerlifting.   Indeed, if you are observant you will learn more from your failures than from your victories.  But we continue to despise failures.  I believe a holistic view can only help us to treat both failure and victory optimistically, as both will help us to evolve.   Lata continued her pursuit.  In a recently held state level bench-press competition at Mangalore, she secured a gold medal.  I know that the competitive spirit in her truly motivates her to march forward.  But as a coach, I am worried about injuries threatening her physically active lifestyle.  Many injuries can result in total abandonment of regular exercise.  I am personally at a stage where to me longevity is more important than pursuing a dream.

   Incidentally, Lata also braves tremendous personal responsibility.  She is a mother of two children and a homemaker.  Unfortunately, her youngest son has a medical condition termed lymphangioma and haemangioma.  It’s a complicated medical condition which can result in recurrent infections, bleeding and swelling.  I have seen regular neck bruises and bleeding mouth.  He has also experienced painful surgeries. Even after undergoing major neck surgery, he continues to experience the discomforting symptoms and now he is on sclerotherapy, which is a treatment for varicose blood vessels.  However, the treatment causes an adverse reaction leading to fever, pain and chills.  He also needs to stay on a liquid diet during the recovery period as the tongue bleeds. Lata is thus compelled regularly to travel to the hospitals.  She never forgets to message me about her absence because of her hospital visits.  Nonetheless, she takes her pains in stride, as she is always optimistic.  She never grimaces.  She is a strong lady who doesn’t want to budge.   She continues to journey forth despite a lack of sleep.   Last but not least, she loathes missing the gym, as she finds the gym to be her safe haven. The majority wants to miss being physically active, as they dislike the physical pain they must endure.   They don’t realise that the physical pain through exercise nourishes the body and that movement is essential for survival. However, there are a few individuals who thrive on the pain.  Probably, the physical pain Lata experiences eases the troubles in her life.   She also has recently embraced the practice of meditation and openly vouches for the importance of mental health.

Winning bronze in Delhi and gold in Mangalore

7 thoughts on “Inspiration from Latha

  1. Wow , truly inspiring , known her very recently but her knowledge, aspirations, energy, focus, strength from deep within and physical can be felt in every conversation.
    It is a true inspiration to have known and come in contact with an such inspirational individual. There is lot she can pass on to people around her.
    Keep it going????.

  2. Latha madam is the best inspiration to all the women who say they cant do it or people who think gym does not work for them the changes that bought in her as a friend who know her from past 8yrs i really feel she has done a great job with her changes and heartly congratulations to you madam for all your hard work that has bought you here keep inspiring us always loads of love and best wishes for coming future.

  3. That’s quite an inspirational story on Latha. I have known Latha since 2008 and can only vouch for her strong will spirit and a humane heart for everyone she loves. Wish her once again all the best for her future endeavors and pray to god for her child’s complete recovery.

  4. Superb and inspiration real life story of lata to whom lost a hope in life…. Stay blessed and achieve all dreams.

  5. Reading the story of my good friend Lata, inspired motivated and rejuvenated me, made me join gym and it gives me immense pleasure in my leisure without a measure

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