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Inspiration From Mamatha

This is Mamatha, Gunasheela’s wife.  My previous write up was on Guna.   I had requested Guna to send me a few before and after pictures of his makeover, as I wanted to publish his story in the blog.   He had also sent a few pictures of his wife’s transformation.  I noticed that she too had achieved amazing results, for she had lost 15 kilograms.    However, I usually overlook these transformations in the gym, for I meet the clients daily. It’s difficult to recognize these day to day differences.  Only when I see the before and after pictures do I observe the change.  Similar to Guna, she too had gained several kilograms of excess baggage and was obese.   She weighed an extraordinary 99 kilograms for her height of 5 feet 3 inches.  Probably, Guna’s lifestyle had a rippling effect on her.  I also remember warning the couple about their son gaining unnecessary weight.   There was a great chance that he would be misguided by his parents.   When the parents mindlessly eat junk food there is every probability that the child imitate them. The surrounding environment has a definite influence on the individual.  It can either make them or break them.

I believe Mamatha has silently accomplished her goals.  What I mean is that Guna’s transformation has greatly motivated my gym clients.  Perhaps, Guna losing 30 kilograms mattered the most, as the amount is large. It resulted in an outcry in the gym. However, what Mamatha has achieved is not in any way less than what Guna has managed.  Mamatha is a working woman, who also takes care of the family.  She has to cook and attend to her daily chores.  Moreover, she belongs to a nuclear family, which means that she is the backbone of the family.

It’s noteworthy to say that Mamatha has accomplished her fat-loss and fitness goal, though she is afflicted with a herniated disc.  She cannot execute the entire range of movements.  For example, she cannot squat or deadlift heavy weights, as that can cause tremendous strain on her lower back.  These injuries are extremely debilitating.  I can confirm this, since I am also a victim of a herniated disc. However, she continues to come to the gym every day.  She understands that long term physical activity coupled with healthy eating will help her achieve what she has dreamed of.  Also note that Mamatha is following the paleo style of eating; thereby, she is not only supporting herself, but is also providing a bedrock for her husband.

Last but not the least, I remember her telling me that she was willing to trek the famed Kodachadri hills.   She had tried climbing the hill 2 years before.  She was reluctant to attempt the climb. She had dismissed the idea because of her vulnerable back and had therefore opted to take a jeep to the top.     However, she decided to climb the hill on foot in her second attempt, as the fitness routines in the gym which she had executed had helped her to get fit and strong and also had boosted her confidence.  She hesitantly accepted the challenge.  She strangely and surprisingly felt confident about the treacherous uphill climb.  Fortunately, her lower back didn’t succumb, but in fact helped her to climb the hill without any major hiccups.  She thanked me wholeheartedly, as my colleague and I had assisted her in improving her lower back and core strength.

When a mother of a child, a wife to a loving husband, a working woman and the sole caretaker of the family accomplishes these feats, I can only deeply respect her.   Note that studies confirm  women are more versatile and emotionally stronger than men.   Perhaps, I am not very verbal in showering my appreciation to my gym clients, but I truly admire their achievements.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration From Mamatha

  1. Mamatha has truly inspired many of us …We have known each other from our Degree Days and when we had a reunion few years back I was shocked to see her put on oodles of weight and now I’m shocked again to see her lose it with utmoar commitment and dedication. She is definitely an inspiration to me . Her will power is par excellence…I’m sure days are not too far when she would surprise us all with her perfect fit body…Hatss off to Iron Cult for making it happen !!! Kudis to Mammu, Guna and Iron Cult !!!

  2. Thank you very much Sir. This means a lot to me.

    This is not my sole result, it’s a combination of Ur & Prasad sir guidance.

  3. Awesome Mamatha and Guna you guys are true inspiration for everyone out there who is at the back seat saying today, tomorrow to workout and to eat healthy. Hats off to you both and your trainer for all your hardwork, Wish you both good luck to loose much more weight

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