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Inspiration From Sean Stephenson

This Three Foot Giant is Sean Stephenson.  A few days ago, I saw a video of Sean which he had uploaded in Facebook.  I thought of sharing that link with you but unfortunately the link isn’t available.  However, when I tried to share the YouTube link of the same video I stumbled upon several of his motivational videos.  Later I realized that Sean is a world renowned speaker and a therapist.  Rightly so, for Sean is a genuine source of inspiration.

Sean is born with a rare genetic disorder termed as brittle bone disease.  “Most of his bones had been broken during the delivery. He was placed in intensive care at Chicago Children’s Hospital, and doctors warned his parents that he might die very soon. He survived, but spent much of his youth in pain and experienced the stunted growth and mobility limitations common for people with osteogenesis imperfecta.”  Wikepedia.

However, he was inspired by Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, to change his life style and improve his health, which he did.  Sean continues to inspire many through his speeches and is a married man living in Arizona.  He is also an author of two widely popular books—Get Your But Off and Stand up For Yourself.

I believe if Sean doesn’t inspire you nothing else will.  Don’t forget to watch the video.  By the way, the man looks so fragile yet it amazes me to watch his work ethic.

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