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Inspiration from Sham

Doctor Sham is a multifaceted personality.  He seeks fulfilment by engaging in various activities.   This brings to mind a thought conveyed by Frank Forencich, in his classic book, The Exuberant Animal, expressing the idea that success is not only measured in linear terms but can branch out in several ways.   I can list several examples. For example, the typical habituated reaction to life: to earn lots of money, to buy a car (if not satisfied buy a better car), buy an expensive house, send children to international schools, etc.  However, if you observe, this seems to be redundant and a narrow perspective to life.  Ironically, you are said to be successful if you fulfil these needs.  Come on!  Bring some change.  For example, travel. Read books. Enjoy solitude with nature. Meditate. Heartfully play with your pet or your child. Have stimulating conversation with your wife, children, friends or anybody for that matter. Be passionate to learn new things. Be compassionate, etc—live life fully.

   Returning to Sham, although he has lost a few pounds of fat around his midriff and leads a vigorous lifestyle by staying active every day, I am not here to boast about his achievements only in the gym.  Rather I want to focus on his emphasis on functionality.  Not only does he embrace the gym but he also practices yoga among other things. He participates in weekend trekking and cycling which the gym organises.   He is also trying the practice of meditation.  My book entitled Training in the Gap, quotes Douglas Jerrold: “The superior man is he who develops harmonious proportions, his moral, intellectual and physical nature.”  Sham is colouring his life with the whole spectrum.    You don’t have to be stingy in defining your life. 

  Empowering Himself and Others   

I am fortunate that Sham involves and engages me in stimulating conversations, which range from fitness science, life in general, politics, leading a holistic and minimalistic life, the duplicity in one’s views to life, general lack of acceptance, etc.  His deep provoking questions prod me to acknowledge and take judicious actions. I am experiencing that answering him declutters my views as they put things into perspective. Engaging in invigorating conversations can be life enriching.  He is also associated with a non-profit organisation which promotes terrace gardening and composting.  He singlehandedly inspired my wife to grow our own organic vegetables and greens.  Also, Ironcult happily hosted his group to promote terrace gardening and composting.  The group inspired several of my gym clients to grow their own vegetables and greens. He is also involved with a group that actively supports the street adoption plan.  Interestingly, he has recently embraced a vegetarian diet.   He says that its high time we stop being ruled by our taste buds. (Ironically, one of the primary reasons for people to embrace nonvegetarian foods is that it’s lip-smacking).  He is concerned about the amount of greenhouse gases and the increased carbon footprint which is caused by animal husbandry.  It seriously effects the environment. 

  Sham has embraced life, holistically. Importantly, his story tells us that heroes are around us.  I now observe and appreciate their presence.  They can inspire us right at our doorsteps.  We don’t have to seek inspiration elsewhere. We just need to have a proper perspective to recognise them. This will indeed motivate Sham’s son to lead a constructive and wholesome life. Nonetheless, Sham’s effortless involvement and his curiosity are awe-inspiring.

He is indeed a superior man as defined by Douglas Jerrold.  He physically challenges himself by engaging in various vigorous activities.  He is also providing food for his morality and intellect by participating in proactive groups.  He doesn’t want to be complacent and blame it on the government for the mishaps.  Gandhiji rightfully said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  I believe Sham advocates what Gandhiji says.  We desperately need such men with vision.

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