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Inspiration from Srinivas

This is Srinivas who is 57 years old.  The lower back ailments he has made me to believe that he was much older.  Luckily, just in time, he signed up for the “animal flow movements” for a few months.  Right after 6 months of practicing animal flow movements, he has regained his mobility, strength and suppleness.

  Srinivas consulted me at a time when he was struggling from severe back ailments.  The first time I saw him at the gym, it was clear that his lower back ailments had caused serious immobility.  I could see that he was despising his own body.  I saw that he looked stiff when he walked. Rigidity in the lower back caused him great discomfort.  It was bold of him to come to the gym with positive expectations.

  He had suffered several injuries:

 1 Loss of normal lumbar lordosis (normal curvature of the spine).

 2 Loss of normal cervical lordosis.

  3 Desiccation of all cervical discs.

  4 L3-4 L4-5 L5-S1 disc disease.

  5 C3-4 C4-5 C5-6 and C6-7-disc disease.

  Considering his serious ailments, I could make no promises. However, I said that a few sessions of animal flow could help him alleviate the discomfort.    Previously, his walking had been restrained now however he is able to walk easily.  He even gracefully lifts weights and comfortably executes animal flow movements.  These positive lifestyle changes are so encouraging.  The courage he has shown to change his lifestyle is commendable.  What shook me the most was when he said that getting depressed was not at all an option; instead, he had to look out for ways to tackle and overcome the problem.  I have encountered several cases of people who have lower back ailments.    In most of them, the discomfort causes severe depression, which causes genuine hopelessness.  Perhaps, Srinivas has a definite lesson to teach us—a story of chivalry and perseverance.

   All is well that ends well.

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  1. Srinivas’s cure is a classic case study for Ortho experts. Am sure they will be surprised with such simple solution for such a loathing ailment. But hats off to Srinivas for being bold to experiment Animal Flow Movements

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