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Inspiration from Vikas

  Vikas has been a longtime gym client—for more than a decade.  Interestingly, he is one of the boldest gym clients I have ever known. He is always eager to try different things.  Unfortunately, this character trait led to a devastating injury—a dislocated shoulder joint.   The dislocation is extremely painful and looks scary too.  The shoulder musculature pops out of the socket and barely hangs on.  Shoulder surgery was required to fix the dislocation as the Barum tear was severe. The shoulder injury happened in the gym.  It’s always sad to see someone getting injured in the gym.

 This is what transpired.  Right after the first dislocation, he dropped out of the gym and started practicing mountain climbing.  This was when another disaster occurred a second dislocation.  He had no options left, and surgery was the best solution.  After the operation, he came to me and discussed rehabilitating his shoulders.   He has diligently executed the program for several months and he still continues to improve the mobility of the joint.

  He has been happily visiting the gym for 2 years after surgery.      It’s heartening to see the same old adventurous Vikas.  Fortunately, he has a gym partner who is equally enthusiastic and ever-ready to try new movements.  I envy them, as I would have cherished the new experiments.  I enjoy trying out newer things, not only in the gym but in life in general. 

Luckily, I also have the mindset to go into the depth of matters. 

I have come to realize that this undying interest makes life more entertaining.  However, I remind him and myself often about the injury and advice him to be cautious.

Last but not least, the most enjoyable and cherished moments are those during which I share my thoughts with him.  We speak less now, but whenever we discuss we do speak  thought-provoking topics: mushrooms (their importance in the planets survival), rat race of life (which we both despise), experimentation in training, how people have detestable fixed ideas about leading lives, how breakfast might not be the most important meal as  popularly touted, etc. 

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