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Instant Gratification.

Many of you want to lose weight.  But do you think you have the road map to  reach your goal?  Unfortunately, most of the people can’t figure out what to do.  As we can see many of them joining these fat loss centers, where they promise to lose 15 kilos of weight in 15 days for 15k,  or plan to take some herbal products which promises to lose oodles of weight, and lastly, join a gym where the  gym coach would pursue you by giving wrong ideas.  Take for example, a guy comes to the gym and asks that he wants to lose fat.  What do you think the coach would presumably do?  He will persuade the client to go in for fat-loss pills without explaining to him the ill-effects of taking such supplements.  For, the coach wants to instantly gratify his client.  But do you know that it would consume-at the least-many months to achieve whatever you intended.  Try to witness the scenario which you have at your hand.  Assume you to be overweight by 20 kilos. Gaining weight has taken several months or years, so how on earth can you fantasize to lose weight within a short-span?

You will have to exercise regularly and eat a well balanced meal.  Exercising regularly and eating a well balanced meal is not a matter of committing yourself for few days but a lifestyle change. You may ask me, will I then have to eschew eating ice-creams, pizza, and whatever junk foods for ever?  No.  You can treat yourself with these foods once in a while to gratify yourself.  But you will have to eat them very less often.  Perhaps, once you have primed up your BMR by exercising regularly and consuming a well balanced meal with good amount of protein, you can perhaps afford to eat these foods-I repeat-once in a while.

Lastly, do not fall prey when you come across claims which assure that you can lose weight without exercise.  Do not ever think that you can bring in changes overnight.  I have heard that these fat loss clinics do follow extreme dieting strategies.  And the promoters of these herbal products also ask you to eschew your meals whenever you are consuming that supplement.  Skipping breakfast is a bad precedent.  Do not skip meals, for it will rob your muscles which in turn will decrease your BMR and following extreme dieting strategies in not acceptable, for it is not plausible.  As I suggested above exercise regularly, eat a well balanced meal, and be a witness to the positive changes it brings in your body and mind.  Persistence is what matters, and please don’t try to quick fix the problem.  As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.”

PS:  The calorie deficit has to be brought slowly, for your body is not used to eat less food.  I have seen that bringing in a calorie deficit by regular exercise is a far better approach than consuming less food to lose weight.

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  1. Sir.. you really true… Patience, proper guidance & strict procedure are very much needed in this process… and also individual should not compare themselves with others as this process depends on their body characteristics……..

  2. Yes for sure. Each individual is different and will respond differently. We need to persist, for a positive result is bound to happen.

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