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Ironcult Featured In A Kannada Television News Channel.

On Tuesday the 2nd of August 2011 between 9:30 to 10 pm a special program was featured about Ironcult in the Kannada news channel Janashree.
Fortunately, a gym client of mine recorded the above stated program and has downloaded it in YouTube. I gladly bring it to you here, for many of my gym clients would have strayed from watching the program due to various reasons.
By the way, I didn’t know that my speech was incomprehensible to this extent. I felt offended after I heard my own voice in the video. I wonder how my gym clients bear my harangue. Anyhow, I was answering to the journalist query, and was stating that outdoor activities are very productive, and that it has been proved in many studies, as the stimulation is more while you workout outdoors.
It’s now time to enjoy viewing the video.

10 thoughts on “Ironcult Featured In A Kannada Television News Channel.

  1. I am proud of what you are doing Vishwa!! Keep it up!!
    At the same time I heartily congratulate all your gym members who are a part of this routine!!
    I would like to see more of sledge pulls and the Prowler in play!! :-))

    Only thing that I was irritated was that dumb reporter who I think in the vaguest of her dream has not trained..or has no idea!!
    She relates the gyms to “Nai kolle” god damn her!!

    1. Those idiots in the stadium don’t allow us to do the sledge pull and the prowler. They claim that it causes air pollution.

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