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Ironcult is 10 years Old

I am very glad to announce that today the 5th of November Ironcult completes 10 years. Yes, Ironcult whoops and rejoices today, as it is 10 years old. Yesterday, two of my oldest gym clients, my elder brother and Raghavendra, and I were animatedly involved in reminiscing the good old days. We started with a bodybuilding mindset where our entire routine was machine based and the workouts were voluminous. Now, we adapt to functional fitness alone, and training with machines is a big no. Thanks to my Guru Todd Reinhard. There isn’t a single day where I don’t remember you. The journey is remarkable, as we enjoy training with free weights and bodyweight. The routines are more fun and pleasurable.

On a personal note, I am glad to state that I have never stopped to learn; thereby, my gym clients have also evolved with me. I know that I could still do better, for there is always scope for little more improvement. However, I continue to learn and teach to the best of my ability. Moreover, I will always remain a student. It is better that way, for it always keeps me grounded.

Last but not the least, I once again thank Todd Reinhard, my mentor, to be the guiding star. I also thank Ross Enamait, Ido Portal, Steve Atlas, Arnav Sarkar, Nick Vitani, Joe De Franco, Zach even Esh, Patrick Gamboa, Muthu Kumar, my Physio, and not to forget my gym clients from whom I have learnt a ton and continue to learn.

By the way, these are names of few giants who have walked the path of physical training. I just stood on the shoulders of these giants, and didn’t invent anything. As Isaac Newton says that is how you look further.

17 thoughts on “Ironcult is 10 years Old

  1. Hi, congratulations! I came to your gym sometime during 2012.even though I haven’t been regular I draw a lot of inspiration from your blogs which u read regularly.keep up the good work.

  2. Congratulations !!!!!
    Success seems to be connected with action, “Successful people keep moving they make mistakes but they don’t stop “

  3. Dear sir,


    Even though I have changed my gym, but my workouts are still what you taught me..

    I really wish, iron cult completes few more decades of success under you guidance.

  4. Many congratulations sir..
    I am proud to be a member of the Iron Cult family. I have been irregular I know, but trust me sir, I just dont want to go to any other gym. That’s the effect your training. Your blog is how I still feel connected now.

    May Iron Cult stay like this eternally..

  5. Congratulations coach. Its just the beginning milestone for IRON CULT, many more are yet to come. Thanks a ton for the guidance provided by you to change the lifestyle of many 🙂

  6. Congratulations Vishwanthar for completing 10 glorious years. I wish you and everyone associated with Iron Cult the very best.

    You have explained the basic training methods of IC very well, but here is something that I found particularly impressive during my visit. There are many big corporate gyms which have 15 or more trainers, and yet their members do not seem to be fit. Whereas you and Prasad are able to get serious results and get people in great shape and condition between the 2 of you. That really shows the quality of the trainers at IC. Keep up the great work my friend, you are inspiration to all the honest and hard working trainer out there.

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