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Ironcult Men And Women.

I hereby share the pictures, which were taken on the day of the tug of war and rugby matches.  It is very heartening to state that most of my clients are extremely fit and strong.  I know that this is an understatement.  But a visit to my gym will authenticate my statement to be true.

In general, a client from my gym can lift more weights, do more number of push ups, and pull ups, run faster and longer, and execute odd jobs with ease, since we all train functionally, in relation to other gyms. No pun intended.  I can truly bet on this.  If at all a competition is held on the above listed events or any other you would like, my clients will come out with flying colors.

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  1. Dear Vishwa,
    The photos are truly good. I am feeling envious about your batch of ‘men and women’ of Iron Cult. Since time has been the only constraint, I have had to quit. But still, when I look at the phtos, good memories of my time with you come flooding back. keep posting such good news.

    with regards
    balaji rao

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