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Ironcult Rocks In A Kannada Daily Newspaper.

I am very proud to state that a fully fledged article was published in the Kannada daily: Kannada Prabha newspaper on Saturday relating to the Friday drills that we are relentlessly performing. I have attached a copy of the article right below. Enjoy the pictures as well as the write up.

However, certain facts are not entirely correct. Perhaps, something went wrong with the communication between Somashekar Padukere, who wrote the article, and I when I was questioned. It has been stated in the article that the Friday drill also takes place on Sundays, which is not correct, for the drills take place only on Fridays. And that the replica of these workouts takes place in the USA; whereas, I had just stated that certain gyms in the USA also perform various other workouts in a similar (outdoor) fashion.

Above all, I have to state that Somashekar has done a tremendous job in presenting the article. At certain instances I thought that he has come close in putting words to my thoughts.

PS: I hereby thank my gym clients, who have supported well in my endeavor. As always I will try to be the best.

14 thoughts on “Ironcult Rocks In A Kannada Daily Newspaper.

  1. Vishwa, Great to see an article about Ironcult on Kannada Prabha. Really proud of your relentless research on best techniques and brining those to practice.
    Don’t worry about the error or misrepresentation by the journalists. They are ought to be there and are pretty common. What the media shows is not always 100% true.

  2. super.. nice sir.. real good.. i feel proud that i’m also a part of the ironcult family.. only concern is that i’m missing in these pics!!! 🙁

  3. Dear Vishwa, Many congratulations!!!. I am sure that this is only the begining. Many more such accoloades are in the waiting. Mark my words, your growth is destined to go north and there will be many more achievements in the offing.
    Here’s looking forward to all those achievements.

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