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Is Fitness A Destination?


How true!  I couldn’t agree more to what coach Christopher Sommer says–12063292_871122896317153_176756906513475904_n

Don’t ever think fitness is a destination and have short term goals.  However, there is nothing wrong in having short term goals, but don’t neglect the long haul as that is paramount.  For example, having a short term goal such as pursuing a 16 inch arm is good but don’t forget the bigger picture which is health.  In other words, there is no point in possessing a herculean physique if you are marred with several injuries.

Moreover, many people come to me with their own unique goal.  For example, usually, they come to me and ask that he/she wants to lose, say 10 kilos, within 3 or 4 months.  Well, my question to them would be, “what next?”  Let’s consider that you achieve that goal, but do you think the quest would end there?  Fitness and staying healthy to me is when someone trains consistently for a very long time.  Perhaps, till the day the body allows them to exercise.

Remember what Steve Atlas, my online coach, says.  He says, “It’s going to take longer to get where you want regardless of how much you want something.”  Yes, it is always easier said than done.  On the flipside, what if you can’t achieve the goal in that stipulated time frame?  Most likely, you will quit the whole endeavor.   Alas!  You were not ready for the long haul and you were not ready to fail.  Remember that sooner or later you will fail.  Failure is an integral part of the process.

So, fitness, I believe, is not a destination but a tenacious journey.

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