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Is He Really Old?

This video is making rounds in the social media now.  Many of my gym clients and friends have shared the story in Facebook.  However, I wasn’t surprised the least, for I have witnessed several genuine examples.  I have seen several real men and women defy the logic.  The logic says that old men shouldn’t train.  If you can recall I have shared numerous inspiring stories where old men/women have embraced the fitness lifestyle and continue to do so.  What’s more inspiring is several of them embraced the fitness lifestyle in their fifty’s and continue to make great strides into their seventy’s.

I have again shared some of those inspiring videos.  You can view them if you have missed my previous blog entries.  Moreover these mean will never stop to amaze you, so watching them again and again will do you no harm.  On a similar note, I believe what these men are trying to say is that you have to embrace the fitness lifestyle no matter whatever your age is.  I will continue to say, “Its better late than never.”  Yes, if you use your body you will not lose it.

Watch the video.

Watch some of the videos  which I had shared earlier.   I hope these real men and woman will inspire you.

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