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Jack Lalanne Says; If Man Made It, Don’t Eat It

Jack Lalanne was an American fitness, exercise, and nutritional expert and motivational speaker.  He was also called “the godfather of fitness.”  He died at the age of 96.  Moreover, he was well known for leading a very healthy lifestyle.  Once, a 54 year old Jack Lalanne had beaten a 21 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger badly in an informal contest.  On a similar note, Jack was also known for his incredible strength feats.

He preached the public of America to lead a fitness lifestyle.  Several quotes of Jack on nutrition and fitness are quite famous till date.  The above quote where he says that if man made it, don’t eat it makes absolute sense.  We live in an era where, unfortunately, all the wrong foods are being marketed as healthy.  However, you beware of the difference between food and food products.  I have elaborated on food and food products in my earlier blog entries.  Click here and here to read them.  Nonetheless, know that man makes food products, so avoid it.


Here are some of Jack’s inspiring videos.  Don’t skip them.  Listen to him.

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