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Jack Lalanne.

Jack Lalanne, the fitness Guru and television personality has passed away at the age of 96.  He exemplified healthy living, for he practiced what he preached.  Even in 90’s, jack exercised two hours daily, consisting of 90 minutes weightlifting and 30 minutes of swimming.    Jack was a legendary proponent of exercise and healthy living.  He was widely called as the God Father Of Fitness.  Remember, I spoke about excessive indulgence where I referred about money, excess consumption of wrong foods, and lack of exercise and Jack in his videos speaks about every topic which I spoke yesterday.  His messages may sound redundant but are truly relevant even for us, as many of us are indulged in eating all the wrong foods.

Please, please, and please view his videos, for they are truly relevant.  I had read about Jack a year ago and was surprised listening to him, as most of his ideas which he had spoken several decades ago appear to be credible even for the present generation.  You should Google more information about him, for he has achieved many feats in his life, which is truly inspiring to know.

All the three videos which I have posted are of 3 minutes duration approximately, so all you have to do is waste less than 10 minutes of your precious time, but listening to him for 10 minutes is a 1000 times worth.

Several emails where sent to my inbox regarding Jack’s death, and I was obliged to write about him.  He is a true giant, for we should try our best to tread the path which he has paved.

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