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Jack Says………..

 “Exercise is King.  Nutrition is queen.  Put them together—you have a kingdom.”  Jack LaLanne.


Jack’s statement that exercise is the king and nutrition the queen is what I believed all along.  In other words, a sound diet can matter less but undoing physical exercise is a big no.  I honestly feel that physical exercise is a bigger factor if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I am not suggesting that nutrition is unimportant but when compared to physicality it should matter little less.

Pernille Nordby, who has conducted the study as a PhD student at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, says, “You should of course eat as healthily as possible, but if you have a lifestyle where it’s hard to find the energy to change your diet, you should know that it’s much healthier to spend your energy on physical activity rather than eating differently for the sake of losing weight,”

On a similar note, as I have stated several times, my mentor, Todd Reinhard, too suggests that  a regular bout of physical exercise is important than a healthy diet.  However, when he endorsed this view, a decade ago, I didn’t agree to his statement. I believed and had read in several diet and nutrition books that nutrition was more important than exercise.  But now after 18 years of healthy eating and performing vigorous physical activity, I can affirm as Jack and Todd say that exercise is indeed the king and nutrition the queen.  Similarly, exercise is a favored precursor to keep track of blood sugar in the body keeping insulin resistance and glucose intolerance down.  In other words, exercise is far better than dietary changes to keep serious diseases such as type 2 – diabetes at bay.

However, you may improve your fitness through exercise.  Perhaps, by gaining strength or endurance, but I believe if you want to appear better you will have to make dietary changes in the long term.

By the way, who is Jack LaLanne?

You should all know that Jack inspired and motivated a generation of people to get fit and healthy.  He was rightly called as the “godfather of fitness”.  The Jack LaLanne show, a fitness television program was widely famous in the US between 1953 and 1985.  Moreover, he was recognized for his success as a bodybuilder and known for prodigious feats of strength. Jack lived to his 90’s and proved that physical exercise is required for healthy living.

Watch his inspiring videos, which dates back to several decades.  However, various health tips he provides are still relevant.

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