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Johann Martin Continued.

Well, after receiving an overwhelming response to the video (Johann Martin) which I posted yesterday, I thought of posting Johann Martin’s other videos. Many of my gym clients were truly astonished looking at the way he juggles with the kettle bells.

In the videos which I am going to post now, you can view him demonstrating juggling the kettlebells at the German Kettlebell Club’s. In the second video, you can watch him teaching students at his academy. By the way, do remember that he is performing and teaching at the ripe age of 63 years.


One of the seven grand daddy laws (principles that are important for maximum effectiveness in physical training) states that you use it or lose it. The above principle generally means that if you are not using your body you are losing it. Just imagine, what if Johann Martin had stopped training right after reaching 50 years of age thinking that old age is catching up on him? Should he have stopped training? What would have been the possible result? His muscles would have atrophied (withering) compounding in causing him more harm. The inactive lifestyle would have forced him to be diabetic resulting in various heart and kidney ailments. It reminds me of the quote by Ashley Montagu (anthropologist and humanist); he says, “The idea is to die young as late as possible.” I do hope that you will be able to understand what the above quote means, for you will not enjoy frequenting the hospitals when you age. You should also know that most of the diseases which affect us are caused by lifestyle changes and to be healthy and fit you should choose an active lifestyle. More importantly, you should provide ample importance to physical exercise when you age. Remember, as Voltaire (French revolutionary) had rightly said, “Indolence is sweet and its consequences bitter.
Enjoy the videos.

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