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Joshua–the Cancer survivor

This story is posted by Ross in his blog. He also provides a Facebook link to this magnificent story of inspiration. However, I was immensely inspired by this story, and I thought I should write a few lines about Joshua.

This is a story of a cancer survivor. On a similar note, right yesterday I spoke to a gym client of mine about the devastating effect of cancer. And, ironically, right today I find this great story of survival.

Joshua has done the unthinkable. He has stood against 25 bouts of chemotherapy. Joshua fights back the cancer and comes out much stronger. How? You can see his athletic abilities in the video. Many of the movements he performs are eye-catching. You will be humbled by his abilities, for his accomplishment is nothing short of amazing.

Finally, as Ross says, “Furthermore, many injuries and setbacks are not nearly as bad as we believe. The old saying that it could always be worse is usually true.” Whatever injury, pain, or ailment we endure, they all look insignificant in front of Joshua’s achievement.

Moreover, the next time you complain about something think about this inspiring story. I don’t know about you but this story will continue to remind me that I need to get up whenever I fall down.

PS: I thank Ross for coming up with this inspiring stories.


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