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Just Do It

One of my friends asked me that I have to write a blog entry on motivating people to restart gymming. Since my friend has a brief layoff he is unable to frequent the gym as he lacks the motivation. This reminds me of a quote by Robin Sharma. He says, “Once you’ve installed a ritual or a new habit, you don’t have to use any willpower.”

I endorse the views of Robin Sharma

However, for something to be your ritual you have to love it. If you don’t then you are in the wrong place. For me it is a love-hate relationship. Many times, for example, when the weight gets heavy or the getting the last repetition seems impossible, you hate that moment. However, you hate it but then you start loving it.

I believe you also have to embrace physical fitness. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or hate it, but physical movement is primordial. The human body carves for physical activity. However, when you don’t perform physical activity the body goes haywire. Why do you think large numbers of people in developed countries all over the world are suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and other related health ailments? Lack of physical activity. Period. To top it, unhealthy eating habits.

I know that you are saying stress and other lifestyle issues are also the reason. Okay, I agree. Nonetheless, if you go the root of the problem, you can say that lack of activity is the primary cause. Moreover, once you are physical active you can also see that all other hindrances of a healthy lifestyle such as unhealthy diet, stress, and other related problems slowly vanish. Yes! When you are being more aware of your physical body you take proper care of it.
I also believe and I can’t deny that, generally, people take their health for granted–No matter how much ever you abuse your body you say that it has to come hand in hand. It takes your abuse such as excessive drinking, smoking cigarettes and eating junk food in its stride. It revolts after many years of abuse. Until then it behaves as a mute spectator. Nonetheless, it doesn’t enjoy the abuse, but decays slowly.

If you ask me for motivation, I will say don’t seek for it. It is never going to come, for it is not a commodity. Rather, think that physical movement is a ritual and that it nourishes the body just like healthy eating does.

So, whether you love it or hate it just do it.

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