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Kai Greene

I have competed in bodybuilding for three years. The blatant use of steroids by my competitors forced me to quit. I evolved and embraced functional training, but I started to hate bodybuilding. I abhorred it. The painstaking diet schedule, bodybuilding training routines, and working hard towards symmetry were all unnecessary. All in all, bodybuilders didn’t have a respectable place in my life.

However, my thoughts have changed after I watched this humble holy giant. I am not suggesting that I again want to embrace bodybuilding, but I am merely stating that I appreciate any athlete who has come the hard way. Kai Green has worked extremely hard to climb the ladder of success. Yet he remains humble.

The present professional bodybuilding genre rampantly uses steroids. They also embrace the glamour and glitz, which is an integral part of professional bodybuilding. However, Green isn’t allured by it. He rejects the usual trappings of success by living simply.

Watch the video. You have a lesson to learn.

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  1. Suggested this blog-post to some of my friends who are interested in ‘body building’ and who would want to go in the right-tough way to structure their bodies. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂

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