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Kettle bell

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • June 11, 2010

The much awaited and anticipated kettle bells are here in the gym. All thanks to my manufacturer who was able to produce these wonderful piece of equipment. Training with kettle bells is turning out be fun and quite a challenge. At the gym many of us are learning certain kettle bell basic lifts: Cleans, Turkish get-up (lunge style), clean and press, bottoms up clean, bottoms up clean and press, etc. These training tools help us in spicing up our routines to an unmatched level. We have a pair of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 kilo kettle bells.

It is surprising to know that innumerable workouts can be executed using a kettle bell, and I repeat that each workout is quite a challenge for it is a great learning experience. It is a very humbling experience when a small piece of equipment tries to fail you to complete the required movement. I had read about kettle bells being good for the core and stabilizers, but it is an altogether a different experience exercising with them.

Another addition to the gym is a pull up bar where we can perform a muscle up. I am making arrangements to attach a gymnastic ring to the pull up bar, for we can perform pull ups, push ups, L hold and few other movements on the rings.
Below is a picture of this training tool. Come join us and be humbled.

9 thoughts on “Kettle bell

  1. Hey Vishwa,

    Its amazing how you dig deep and find such innovative ways of working out! kudos to you! i am sure this would be much more effective than those sand bags we had last time, its been a long time since i came into the gym, i am not in India right now, will drop in to check these newbies the first thing i am in Bangalore, thanks for sharing,

    And just a thought, i know this might be a little too naive, but is there a possibility for a Iron Cult diet guide published on this site? it will be greatly motivating for fellow members like me, who are far from gyms reach to at least have a healthy food intake, 🙂


  2. Thanks Anirudh. Regarding sandbags even they are quite a challenge.
    General guidelines can be provided when it comes to diet, but specification should not be given, for it can be misinterpreted. I will work towards that end. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Sir am really enjoying the kettle bell exercise!!!! awesome.
    happy to here that gymnastic ring is coming up!

  4. Vishwa,
    These kettle bells are superb , very little experience on these but anyways waiting to make come back with the above mentioned 🙂

  5. I am slowly learning many movements and incorporating them to our workouts. I believe many are enjoying workouts based on them.

  6. Well…I’m really enjoying every workout vishwa is training me on the kettlebell. These simple looking piece of equipment has a profound fitness benifits….I really love the shoulder workouts.
    Thanks Vishwa!!!!

  7. Hi Vishwa,
    I’ve been looking for kettlebells for a while in Bangalore. Haven’t been able to find them in the regular sports shops. Could u pls let me know wr I could buy them from? I live in Indiranagar so if you could suggest a place closeby it’s be helpful. I’ve asked Rakhra sports to find them for me but seems they aren’t gonna get it.


  8. I had been to Rakhra sports(Cambridge Layout) more than a month ago and found a few kettlebells there. They seemed to be of good quality. I swinged and snatched a 16kilo and 12 kilo.

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