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Kettlebell Workshop

Well, the workshop on kettlebell lifting was a blast! I hope all the attendees learnt several things about the intricacies of kettlebell lifting. To know that kettlebell lifting involves a great deal of technicality was mind-blowing. I sincerely thank Arnav Sarkar for conducting the workshop and helping us to know about the know-how of kettlebells.

13 of us attended the workshop. Among them 12 of us were from Ironcult. It indicates the commitment my gym clients have towards learning a new discipline. Moreover, it demonstrates the enthusiasm and willingness my gym clients possess. It surely feels good to have gym clients who burn to learn more. On the flipside, I will like to state that all these years I have been a dormant coach who didn’t express much. However, now after looking at the enthusiastic bunch of my gym clients, I honestly feel that I need to wake up and be my best.

Lastly, it was again a proud feeling to see all my gym clients getting certified. They all succeeded in passing the kettlebell test. However, I was unable to go through the test. Well, there are several reasons I can quote for the failure, but it suffices to say that things change after several years of lifting. For example, my shoulder health is not the same when I was in my 20’s or even early 30’s.

PS: I hope many more gym clients of Ironcult would like to learn the kettlebell lifts; thereby, I would be glad to host Arnav Sarkar to conduct many more workshops here at the gym.

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  1. Thank you Vishwanthar for the kind words and the great opportunity to teach kettlebells to your highly enthusiastic and fit students. The guys were all in very good shape and went through the two days of hard work with relative ease. They also paid great attention to the finer points, and it was very encouraging to see that the students themselves were correcting the technical errors when their colleagues were doing the exercises.

    Regarding your test, you were very close to completing it, and I am sure that you will do it successfully in just a few weeks. A few good practice sessions and will be ready to go.

    Overall, it was a great experience for me, and you were a host beyond excellence. I sincerely look forward to returning to work with your other students in the near future. And oh, one more thing, Iron Cult rocks!! The gym has all that one needs to get strong and fit. The only thing a member has to bring is the heart to work hard, and the rest is taken care by Viswanthar and his excellent staff.

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