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Leading from the Front

  This is Bhuvan.  He is 18 years old.  He has been visiting the gym for 2 years.  He had been a chubby child having been pampered by his mother who had believed that chubby cheeks on children were a sign of good health and prosperity. (A mother’s typical mindset!) Now he displays a lean frame. He has become strong and has lost the baby fat he carried.  Moreover, his deadlift personal record is 123 kilos, which is double his current bodyweight.  He is a perfect representative of Ironcult: he carries a functionally fit body, lifts big weights, runs long distances when required, sprints when challenged, performs calisthenics (body movements) with ease and carry’s minimal bodyfat.

  Importantly, he is now seriously thinking of pursuing fitness as a profession.  Although he is enrolled in law school, he wants to study fitness, also.  He has been asking me about online courses.  He realises that pursuing fitness as a profession has immense potential.  The profession gives one the opportunity to change one’s life in a positive direction and has the potential to enrich one’s life in several ways—proper perspective in life, self-exploration, knowing one’s own boundaries, focus, etc.   Perhaps owning a certificate from a prestigious institution will serve him good.  However, that will only be the beginning of a wonderful journey, as learning about body and mind is a continuous process.

  This is indeed is a proud moment for me.  He is a youngster who is not only leading a fitness lifestyle but also thinking of garbing the role of a guru by becoming a fitness coach.   The profession gives a great sense of fulfillment because the client is rightfully taught to lead an active lifestyle—the need of the hour.

Bhuvan deadlifting his personal best–123 kilos.

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