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Learning The Olympic Lifts.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • December 10, 2010

Yesterday was a bit tiring, as I had dead lifted in the morning, and in the evening Mr Ravindra who dropped in the gym asked Suraj and me to perform few drills.  He showed us to execute snatch pulls.  The first exercise was snatch pulls from the shin followed by snatch pulls right above the knee towards the hip flexors.  We performed  each of the exercise for 6 sets – 7 repetitions.  Lastly, we wrapped our sessions by performing shoulder stretch on the pull-up bar.

My shoulders have taken a huge brunt because of all the bodybuilding routines I was performing in my initial years of training.  So, you can imagine how more than 12 years of continuous training would have taken its toll on my body.  Perhaps, I would have fared well if had I not involved in those bodybuilding machine based routines.  But we all learn from our previous mistakes, for I don’t have any regrets, whatsoever.  Moreover, it is very heartening to  watch my clients train injury free, for we all never indulge in machine based routines, which is the major cause for injuries.   Mr Ravindra was also indicating that I was very stiff at some joints. Stiffness in joints occur whenever the joint is injured and though the joint recovers over a period of time chances are that the joint may lack its previous mobility and flexibility.

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