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“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.” ~~ Confucius

Today, I didn’t have anything in my mind to blog about. I came empty headed in front my computer. However, I faintly thought writing about fat loss, for today morning I conversed with a teenager about losing fat. I also had asked her to jot her diet schedule. She handed me the piece of paper, and she also patiently listened to my thoughts on eating healthy.

On the flipside of the story, the minute I switched on my computer, I stumbled across this great thought by Confucius. Similarly, I have had a liking to write down the quotes I come across from a very long time. Besides, the quotes by Confucius are thought-provoking. I also have an inspirational quote said by Confucius, which is pasted on the gym wall. He says, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” I believe I haven’t digressed from the topic of discussion. However, below are some thoughts I would like to add to the gym client who asked me about eating healthy for fat loss.

On a similar note to what Confucius says, moving your body without any intention (thought) behind it takes you nowhere. You can probably travel a little ahead, but if you genuinely want to achieve something you better be prepared for the long haul with a persistent intent. In other words, there should be a consistent purpose behind the movement you perform. For example, if you are executing a regimen in the gym, say for fat loss, you should be mindful in your thought about fat loss. Similarly to gain strength, you whole thought process should muse over the purpose. In other words, you have to get serious. You have to develop a burning desire to achieve what you intended.

So, now I say, “Movement without thought is labor lost; thought without movement is needless. In addition “Movement with thought is beautiful, as it is most required.”

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