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Life Is a Constant Battle

This is an excerpt from a book titled live Life Aggressively written by Mike Mahler. It is a self-help book. Most of the self-help books speak about positive affirmations and steps significantly required for a successful life. However, this book doesn’t belong to that typical category. It is an authentic self-help that suggests, firstly, requiring and remaining true to your heart.

“Life is a constant battle of solving problem and facing new ones. Each time we solve a problem, we grow immensely. When we think we no longer have any problems, we are only kidding ourselves. Ignoring problem or pretending that it does not exist will not make it go away.”

He further goes on to say that it is unacceptable to ignore problems for those of you interested in authentic personal growth and living a full life.

I hope this provides you some food for thought. Moreover, whom are we denying? I believe, denying ourselves is genuinely undesirable. In other words, we cannot fake success. On a similar note, a gym client asked me whether he can eat his protein only in the night for his supper and neglect while consuming his breakfast and lunch. I said no. You cannot forge your way to either build muscle or burn fat by not eating adequate protein. Period.

Moreover, losing fat or building muscle is a constant and continuous battle. Say for example, you have achieved 10 percent body fat. For you to sustain that percentile is a perpetual struggle. You can neither fake it nor forge it.

Well, it makes sense when Mahler says that life is a constant battle. Moreover, I believe it’s paramount for those who seek personal growth to fight out these struggles and enrich their lives.

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