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Looking Out for Convenience

This is an excerpt from a writing book titled Wild Mind authored by Natalie Goldberg.   On the flipside, I believe the gist of it can be imbibed to all aspects of life.  It depends on how badly you want it.

The author says, “You have to let writing eat your life and follow it where it takes you.  You fit into it; it doesn’t fit neatly into your life.  It makes you wild.  Kate said that she would put Raphael, her first son, to bed at about nine and then write until midnight or one.  (She also had a poet-in-the-schools job during the day.)  She said to the outside world she looked normal—changing diapers, making food—but inside she was wild.  How could she work all day, have a baby and write?  She wanted it bad; that’s finally what moves you, not how it will conveniently fit in with the rest of your life.”

For that matter even physical exercise will not conveniently fit into your life.  You are a fool if you think so.  You have to bust your ass every day in the gym to bring the requisite changes.  No shortcuts, whatsoever.  I know that we all would like to lazily sit on the couch and rest the whole day if possible.  However, goofing off like that will have its bitter consequences.  You will gain fat and at a later stage be prone to diabetes.  With diabetes around the corner its closer brother high blood pressure is also on the prowl.  Once you are diabetic your health is jeopardized, for it can seriously affect any of your internal organs—brain–stroke, kidney–failure, heart–ailments, eyes–blindness, etc.

I know you have several reasons not to gym.  However, you know that nothing will conveniently fit into your life.  Be the change you want to see—not by convenience but by effort.  You will never regret.

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