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Man of Steel Performs Functional Movements

Did you know that the latest Superman (Mark Cavill) (Man of Steel) performs functional movements? He sought the assistance of Gym Jones, Mark Twight, on the behest of the movie’s director Zack Synder to transform his physique. Mark Twight, the trainer, should also be remembered here for he was the man behind training the movie: 300’s entire team. What struck me was that most of the movements that is shown in the training footage are performed at Ironcult from a very longtime.

On a similar note, yesterday, a gym client of mine requested me to provide personal attention to his workouts. I said that it I am in fact continuing to practice the same with everyone who trains under me. Now, please look at the training footage of Mark Cavill. Be pleased that you are performing the best of movements at Ironcult. You travel anywhere in the world and you will see the same movements being performed at sensible gyms.

You don’t need to execute some out the world workout routine to build a great physique. You simply have to perform some basic movements repeatedly to transform your physique. Allow the workouts to be tough by lifting more weights, or by performing one extra repetition, etc. For example, if you can perform pull-ups easily then execute weighted pull-ups. You have several options to intensify the workout. To Paraphrase what I am suggesting heed to what Bruce Lee says. He says, “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure difficult one.”

Last but not the least, performing functional movements is one of the best ways to build a magnificent physique. If you don’t believe me watch the videos. And please listen to what Mark Twight says about being functionally fit.

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