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Manipulating Potato

A potato contains o.1% oil. The potato when cut into pieces and deep fried, the French fries, contains 13.2% oil. Moreover, a potato cut into thin slices and turned into a crunchy potato chip contains 39.8% partially hydrogenated fat. That in turn contains one-third trans-fatty acids. Click here to read more about trans-fatty acids.

Think again when you make a cracking noise to relish the potato chip. I, however, carry some guilt when I write this sentence. I was forced to buy a medium pack of potato French fries to my daughter yesterday. I always state to her the ill effects of consuming such eatables. To my relief, she demands to eat those things once in a while. Perhaps, I can stay calm until peer pressure takes over and ruins her healthy eating habits.

Fats that kill and Fats That Heal– Udo Erasmus (Father of “organic, unrefined flax oil”).

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