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Master Says

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” Bruce Lee.


A very thought provoking statement by the master.  I believe, when you are in your teenage or early 20s your goal in a gym might be to impress others.  Perhaps, a bigger bicep and chest would fit the bill.  However you age and reach your late 20s or early 30s.  Ironically, I see that a majority of them quit being physically active.


On the flipside, my journey to physical fitness was and is always better health through physicality.  Perhaps, as Bruce lee opinionated, prime health is, presumably, like a goal which is something you cannot reach at. In other words, you can always try to better yourself.  For example, I always find loopholes in my regimes.  I have had several injuries, and I attribute that to neglecting some important aspects of training.  That guilt that I didn’t stretch better or didn’t include more mobility always lurks me.


Moreover, I never believe in specific goals.  I am not suggesting that you should not.  However, I always consider the larger picture which is more important to me.  The larger picture where I feel I am better than my past.  Nonetheless,  If I possess a good physique or if you think I can execute several movements which you can’t, it’s a byproduct of my training and not a goal which I have achieved.   If I am physically fit and enjoy robust health it’s the end goal, which I think I don’t want to reach.  So in this journey of physicality, a better health is always elusive to me.   Physically fit, according to me is not looking fit and strong but includes a supple, stronger, flexible and mobile me.  Which I am not, but it’s something I will be aiming at–not reaching it.

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