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Mastering The Lizard Crawl

I am trying to master the lizard crawl for a very longtime. I see that this movement skill is as delicate as learning Tai chi. Tai chi is executed effortlessly; whereas, the lizard crawl involves vigorous physical exertion. However, the lizard crawl, paradoxically, is intricate and subtle, which can be felt more while the practice gets deeper. When I started practicing this movement, I thought a few months of practice would help me to learn it better. Whereas, now I see that the complexity it possess is a hard nut to crack.
Ido Portal is a great proponent of this animal movement. On the flipside, this journey of learning movement skill started when I heard from a friend about Portal. I was also fortunate to attend his workshop—Singapore. A plethora of skillful movements were taught by him in the movement workshop.
Unfortunately, he didn’t teach us performing the lizard crawl in the workshop. However, the moment I had seen him execute this unique movement in a video, I eagerly wanted to learn it. It has been more than 3 years I attended the workshop. But I regularly practice this movement, which provides a tremendous challenge. Although he didn’t teach me this movement, I dedicate my practice to learn this skill to him.
Moreover, I still operate in the gym based on some of his principles on mobility and strength. If I am a better coach, some of the credit goes to Ido.
PS: If you view me performing lizard crawl, I am unable to execute it gracefully. I believe I never will. However, I will strive hard to improve it whatever possible way I can.
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Ido Portal for you.

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