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Mastering The Muscle Up

I am glad to state that now I am able to execute the muscle up. I am capable of performing a single repetition of the exercise. I strongly believe that I can perform few more repetitions of this exercise at one shot provided I can practice this drill without recurring injuries. As you know that an injury can halt my practice.

Since a longtime I intended to do the muscle up. My unhealthy shoulders prevented me from practicing this exercise regularly. By chance, my resistance training took a back seat, as I was training for the 10 kilometer running race. That allowed my niggling joint pain to heal considerably. I was fortunate to practice the exercise more often, enabling me to execute the movement in a short span of time.

In the video you will see me performing a single repetition where I had practiced the drill placing my feet on a wooden platform, for I feel stable. I thought that some of you may blame me for cheating, as I had grounded my feet. Therefore I performed another repetition where you can see me swinging freely—feet dangling. You cannot cry foul, whatsoever. HA!

Enjoy the video, which was filmed today morning at the gym.

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