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Meeting A Champ.

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • December 6, 2010

Mr Ravindra is a bronze medalist for India in the weightlifting national championship held in the year 1991 in the 61 kilo bodyweight class.  I met him last week at Ironcult and we spoke in length about the history of weightlifting and power-lifting.  He was an olympic weightlifter and after  a serious injury to his wrist, which had snapped he switched over to powerflifting.  His exploits in powerlifting were also many, which I will discuss with you after I explore  more information about him.

He has promised, upon my request, to come today in the evening and teach me the intricacies involved in the Olympic lifts.  Last week when he visited me, he spoke about various grips involved in powerlifting and Olympic lifting such as: Hook grip, pronated grip and the suicide grip.  I will speak about these grips in my subsequent blog entries, so please be vigilant.

I am learning the Olympic lifts referring to various books which I have in my possession.  I also refer to videos to master the technique.  But  many weightlifting and strength training giants like Tommy Kono, Jim Schimtz, and Brooks Kubik suggest that no other source can  match learning Olympic lifts when compared to a weightlifting coach.  For the feedback we obtain from a coach is paramount.  Brooks Kubik in his book Grey Hair and Black Iron states about the importance of being taught from a skilled coach.  He says, “This is far and away your best option .  Nothing beats one-on-one instruction with a competent coach when it comes to learning Olympic lifts and related exercises.”  Even Mr Ravindra did suggest to me that learning from a coach is wise than learning from a book.  I couldn’t hold back after I foresaw a chance to learn from a champ.  So, without any hesitation I invited him to teach me whatever I needed to know about the Olympic lifts.

I very much hope that as promised he arrives today evening, for I am as ever very hungry to learn.  It always feels good to be a student.

5 thoughts on “Meeting A Champ.

  1. Exciting development. Please share your knowledge with us once you learn the techniques. Also, please consider changing the theme (the new aqua blue look) of this blog. It does not suit a fitness website 😉

  2. We are testing, and yet to finalize on the design. At the outset I knew that the fish will not fit in. Will change it for sure.

  3. Dear Vishwa,
    you are truly amazing! I thought you had already learnt all that is there to be learnt, and lo and behold, you spring one more surprise!!!. Your humility is indeed endearing. I really wish I had enough time so that I could be back with you. anyway, that is life.
    wishing you the very best,

  4. Sir, thank you for your valuable comments. As I have suggested in my recent blog entry, learning the Olympic lifts takes many years to master. Learning these lifts is a completely different ball game. Gyms usually don’t bother to learn these Master lifts, for it is beyond their imagination to learn and then teach others. I myself had never dreamt to learn these lifts. But I have always felt that there lies potential for further growth and that we should never cease to learn from whatever avenue is available.

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