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Mind: A Powerful Tool.

Whenever you are trying to make a personal best in any lift, somehow the moment you grip the bar you can discern whether you can be at your best or not. What I mean is that the initial warm up sets itself would give a clear indication about where you are going to end up. Let us assume that prior to create a personal record, you have got all the other components, which are necessary to make a big lift on the right track such as: Nutrition, rest, recuperation, and training heavy. But many times you can experience that even after you have got all the above mentioned elements at the right place you are not able to make it. What do you think is wrong?

Allow me to explain this from my perspective. Though my deadlifts had gone above 400 pounds off late I wasn’t able to top more than 350 pounds since two weeks and that was frustrating. I was fretting over my lack of sleep. I was all the while thinking negatively and making a big deal about my lack of sleep and this was exacerbating the situation. My Guru, Todd Reinhard, also suggested the same and asked me not to worry much. I started to treat my lack of sleep calmly and then saw that I could sleep well. Though, today I didn’t sleep well, but I managed to be positive and got up fresh. The lack of sleep did not leave me irritated, for I didn’t want that to ruin my day. Guess what happened?

Today being a Thursday, as scheduled, I deadlifted, and I had planned to deadlift with the trap bar, for I am backing off from squats, as my right knee is troubling me from a long time. So I thought trap bar would fit the bill as the emphasis when deadlifting on a trap bar is more on the legs, for I wanted to work my legs without hurting my knees. And the moment I lifted the bar up for the initial warm-up sets, I could sense that I am going to make it big today. So I did, for I lifted a personal best of 350 pounds for a single rep.

What I am trying to say here is that it is the mind which matters the most. Constant nagging would not help; instead, we need to address the situation coolly and not make a big deal out of it. I believe, this would apply to all walks of life.

8 thoughts on “Mind: A Powerful Tool.

  1. Coach V – I agree. I think it also helps if we dont allow the fear of failure creep into our mind (when we lift heavy). Everytime I had a iota of doubt in my mind when lifting heavy, I invariably failed.

  2. Yes, visualizing is a very powerful technique. So, if you visualize it wrong, you will get it wrong. You need to be positive, but interestingly sometimes the fear in you may bring the best in you. I have come across this. So, the fear of failure brings the best in you.

  3. yes master…100% true…i am with u on this…particularly and always with u generally…but to be frank there are so many things happening in a day and to brig that concentration is very difficult…meand anything good is experienced by mind then its ok but if anything bad meand its highly difficult to concentrate…i always pray god to give peace of mind

  4. my dear vishwa, How true is it that mind indeed rules the body! This morning I woke up with a sluggish feeling since yesternight I had a major stomach upset. The whole day went by and finally when I hit the gym, I was in two minds, the typical Hamlet complex!!!. Believe me, at the end of the workout I began to feel really relaxed, and as I am going to hit the bed, I am sure I will be able to sleep like a baby.

  5. Bharath, we should know by now that we are above everything, whether be it good things or bad things. The problem arises when we forget that we are very powerful beings. But, as you have said, peace of mind is what we need, and we should learn to earn it.

  6. Madhavi, I would like state that we are very powerful beings and we have the innate potential in us to overcome any kind of adversity. Let not small things bog us down.

  7. Sir, we need to train the mind and body together, as they both go hand in hand. I believe you agree with me on this take.

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