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Mind and Body

Yesterday, I attended my colleague’s bachelor party.  You know how a typical bachelor party is.  The rendezvous is only about same old excessive alcohol drinking and treating the taste buds with lots of junk—fried food stuffs.  Well, yesterday was no different.  However, I am, surprisingly, not an alcoholic.  I am one among the odd man out.  I drink occasionally and drink, relatively, less too.  Also, whenever I drink I mostly eat salads or dry chicken or mutton.  But yesterday, I didn’t have a choice as there were only two side dishes available at the party.  I was tempted to consume the greasy deep fried lollipop chicken, and didn’t opt the other non-greasy stuff.  I ate more than my usual quota.

However, I believe when they say, “you have to earn it to eat it.” In the morning when I took bath, I saw that my tummy was bloated like never before.  Thanks to yesterday’s binge eating.  It had done the trick.   This is what mindless eating can do.  Why do you think people fail while they try to follow an exercise regime or diet strategy?  It’s not that they lack interest. On the flip side, several  of  my gym clients religiously come to the gym and workout hard, but when the weekends come all hell breaks loose–binging and boozing unabated–mindless eating and drinking.

Why do people cheat–eat though they exercise regularly?

It obviously shows that there is a huge vacuum between the physical body and the mind.  The gap doesn’t allow the mind or the body to go together.  The mind continues to rattle in its own way and pace, and no way will it listen to the body or the body listen to the mind.  Don’t be too dissociated from your mind and body.  Allow the mind to be in tune with the body and achieve the best in any endeavor.  When you listen to your body, you will definitely stop abusing it.  You assume that the body is a foreign thing.  You are wrong!   If you delve deeply, you will realize that both the mind and body are the same.

Thanks to my meditation practice, I could answer this question now.  The mental clarity you achieve through meditation is unmatched.  I never could answer this query though it had troubled me for many years.  I hadn’t come up with a suitable answer, but now I honestly feel what I say is reasonable.



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