Why is MMA a rage?  I want you to answer this question.  I already have jotted my perspective, but would like to know what you think.  If you don’t like replying to this blog post, shoot an email.  I am waiting for your reply.   I am convinced that my answer to the query is correct.  However, I want to know your opinion.   Tickle your brain and answer this.

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  1. After being in London for close to a year now, and experiencing the different types of fitness techniques that are prevalent here, I can say it with firm conviction that MMA occupies a important position in the growing arena of fitness activities, mostly because of its ability to fuse together an array of physical and mental exercises thereby enhancing the interest in it. The Theory on the evolution of man suggests that we as humans, are always attracted to barbarianism, but as we have evolved, there is an increased perception of safeguarding ourselves while letting our beastly instincts thrive. Unlike martial arts, kickboxing etc, where the emphasis is just on response, predictions, patience and physicality, MMA allows the additional components of survival skills, mind games and moreover, the ability to freely use an extensive array of moves without much restrictions. While the other aforementioned activities lays emphasis on containing within rules, MMA allows freedom of choice to the fighter, which strokes his interests. For example, the ability to counter a judo kick with a grappling pankration move is always more engaging than blocking a kickboxing high kick with the traditional elbow and fist movement. Also less protective gear and less attack gear means survival instincts blaze through and the mind is kept active. Also unlike in other activities, for beginners, say for example punching down a bag for an hour continuously, MMA allows a wider of strokes. It is similar how people on dance floors like to hear the DJ mixing a lot of songs than listen to one track. I rest my case.

  2. Sammith, I thank you for the reply. Here is a very positive note about MMA. I cannot be qualmish about his perspective. In all probability, he seems to have encountered the right kind of MMA being practiced. However, the way it is practiced and promoted here in Bangalore, I have to defer from Sammith. For example, getting certified as a MMA trainer seems an say job. How? The manner in which the MMA classes are cropping up with certified and well qualified trainers is humongous, ironically.

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